Recipe For Earthy Red

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TKB Choice award goes to this well balanced blend of color, sheen, and slip.
  • Earthy Red

    Designed by Sekon

    Phase A

    2 tsp Red Oxide 541

    1 tsp Strawberry Pop

    1 tsp Raspberry Pop

    1 drop Hilite Orange

    1 tad Hilite Red

    1 pinch FD&C #40 Lake

    1 oz castor oil (warmed)

    Phase B

    2 ounces TKB Lipstick Base

    1 tad Carnauba Wax

    Phase C

    1 ounce Castor Oil

    1 tsp Fractionated Coconut Oil

    1 tsp Versagel

    1 tad Silica

    20 drops Vitamin E

    Lip safe flavoring (optional)


    Grind pigment portion of Phase A together for 2 minutes. Then mix into the castor oil. Stir mixture with a wooded stick until evenly mixed. Set aside.
    Combine Phase B in a Pyrex measuring cup. Microwave in 10 second increments until warm, but not hot, and stir. Mix together Phase B with pre-mixed Phase A and Phase C. Stir until the colorant and base is completely combined. Pour the mixture into a lipstick mold. Place the mold in the freezer for 15 minutes. This cools the lipsticks and makes them easier to remove.

    Designer Comments:

    Mixture makes anywhere from 20-25 lipsticks. Once you have a mold and all the ingredients, it?s incredibly easy to make lipstick

    Sekon is using TKB's Measuring Spoon 5 set to measure her Tads and Pinches



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