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Mini Magic Nail Polish Kit

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With this kit, you can make your own cool polish from scratch, or you can use the ingredients to alter, franken or change up polish you already own. Just add the Magic colors "drop by drop" to a polish you own and see them change.

Kit includes:

1/2 fl oz each of Magic Holographic, Magic Diamond, Magic Mirror
7ml each of Basic Red, Basic Yellow, Basic Blue Nail Polish
1/2 floz TKB Gloss Black Nail Polish
1/2 floz TKB Gloss White Nail Polish
1/2 floz TKB Clear Coat Nail Polish
1/2 floz Nail Polish Remover
5 Elizabeth bottles with PINK caps and 10 extra brushes
1 Dotting Tool
20 Wooden Stir Sticks
30 Economy Monster Beads
1 Color Blending Palette
Rhinestones or similar ephemera as we have in stock.

The Magic Colors (Magic Holographic, Magic Diamond, Magic Mirror ) can be added drop by drop to your nail polish, making the colors mystical, metallic and shimmery. Becauses these colors have a strong silver/black hue, they look best when added to blues and greens, and tend to look kind of muddy added to yellows and reds.  You can also paint them directly on your nail as part of your nail art project, or you can blend them with the other polishes in this kit to make unique colors! Basically, have fun!